Edinburgh Film Festival Sets 2024 Competition Lineups And Events Including Gaspar Noé Masterclass

The revamped Edinburgh Film Festival will screen 37 new feature films, 18 of which will be world premieres during its 2024 edition, running August 15 – 21.

The full Edinburgh lineup was revealed this afternoon in the Scottish capital by the festival’s new director Paul Ridd, former head of acquisitions at Picturehouse. The festival’s international feature competition, now dubbed the Sean Connery Prize for Feature Filmmaking Excellence, will screen 10 films, all world premieres.

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The competition titles include All The Mountains Give by Arash Rakhsha, Jack King’s powerful Yorkshire-set drama The Ceremony, and Mary Jiménez and Bénédicte Liénard’s Fuga. Scroll down for the full list.

The festival will screen 18 titles out of competition. The screenings will include the world premiere of Euros Lyn’s The Radleys starring Damian Lewis and Kelly Macdonald and Alice Lowe’s latest Timestalker. Popular titles from across the festival circuit like Camera D’Or Winner Armand featuring Renate Reinsve and Guan Hu’s Un Certain Regard Main Prize Winner Black Dog will also screen out of competition.

Alongside the Sean Connery Prize for Feature Filmmaking Excellence, the festival this year also launches the inaugural Thelma Schoonmaker Prize for Short Filmmaking Excellence Competition Shorts, curated by programmer and writer Lillian Crawford. Thelma Schoonmaker will also attend the festival and introduce a retrospective screening of Emeric Pressburger and Michael Powell’s I Know Where I’m Going! (1945). Other retrospective screenings during the fest include Brian De Palma’s The Untouchables (1987), which will be presented by The Connery Foundation, and a 50th anniversary screening Phantom of the Paradise (1974).

Elsewhere, Gaspar Noé (Irreversible) will attend the festival for an “In Conversationevent where he will discuss his career and filmmaking, ahead of presenting a screening of Dario Argento’s giallo masterpiece Suspiria (1977).

“I am thrilled by what the team, our collaborators, and our supporters have put together these past months for all sections of the programme and across our exciting new festival footprint,” Ridd said this morning of his 2024 edition. “Through a spirit of collaboration, passion, and above all teamwork, we have worked to fashion something special out of a shared vision for what we want this historic festival to be going forward, and to offer a platform to an enormous range of film work.”

Ridd added the can’t wait to see this year’s “formally exciting, thematically rich and unforgettable films to find their audience” at Edinburgh.

“Bring it on,” he added.


Opening Films

THE OUTRUN (Nora Fingscheidt, UK) UK Premiere

A powerfully honest drama about addiction, survival, and the power of nature to renew hope. With an extraordinary central performance from Saoirse Ronan, striking use of Orkney locations and an evocative sense of mood, place and time, Amy Liptrot’s best-selling memoir  is vividly adapted for the screen.

ALIEN: ROMULUS (Fede Álvarez, US) UK Premiere | Midnight Madness.

A spectacular new entry in the iconic franchise. Whilst exploring a derelict space station a group of young people encounter the most terrifying life force in the universe in this ferociously entertaining new vision for Alien.

Closing Films


Carla J Easton, UK) World Premiere presented by Girls on Film and EIFF

A revealing, funny and enraging documentary tracking the history of Scottish girl bands from the 1960s to the present. This scrapbook panorama view of Scottish pop music explores bands, cliques and movements that emerged in the country across decades, exposing the challenges faced in a male dominated world.

THE SUBSTANCE (Coralie Fargeat, US) UK Premiere

Starring a superb Demi Moore, get set for high-style gore in this dark and bloody comedy. A Hollywood superstar facing the ageism and sexism of an industry that is swiftly forgetting her is faced with an intriguing proposition.

The Sean Connery Prize for Feature Filmmaking Excellence

ALL THE MOUNTAINS GIVE (Arash Rakhsha, Iran) World Premiere

A powerful documentary about the Kolbari covert goods trades between the Kurdish cities and towns of Iran and borders of Iraq, the film follows friends Hamid and Yasser as they balance fragile work and family lives.

THE CEREMONY (Jack King, UK) World Premiere

A fight over stolen property – and a tragic death – brings together two migrant workers as they search for a suitable burial place. Shot in black and white against a rolling Yorkshire landscape, this drama packs a powerful punch.

FUGA (Mary Jiménez, Bénédicte Liénard, Belgium) World Premiere

A richly poetic journey to the heart of the Peruvian jungle, where a lover must be laid to rest. This drama – where we uncover lives of intimidation and violence – has a unique visual and sonic style.

LILIES NOT FOR ME (Will Seefried, US) World Premiere

Told through elegant flashbacks, two men wrestle with their sexuality in the repressive English society of the 1920s. Exploring a neglected period in queer history, this drama is defined by a haunting mix of romanticism and unflinching honesty.

LOLLIPOP (Daisy-May Hudson, UK) World Premiere

A stirring drama about a mother desperate to maintain custody of her children, following her release from prison. When things seem dark for Molly (Posy Sterling), an encounter with an old friend may spark something new.

A SHRINE (Abdolreza Kahani, Canada) World Premiere

A mobile religious shrine acts as a get-rich-quick scheme for an ambitious man. But there may be consequences… This subversive comedy drama also offers an intriguing and offbeat window into the diasporic Iranian community in Montreal.

SMILES AND KISSES YOU (Bryan Carberry, US) World Premiere

The relationship between a man and his life-size AI-animated doll is explored in this moving documentary. A clear eyed and open hearted take on machine learning and loneliness, in an age of algorithmic dating apps.

SUNLIGHT (Nina Conti, UK) World Premiere

An absurd, original and darkly comic road movie about a monkey, a man and a dead man’s watch. Written, produced and directed by EdFringe favourite Nina Conti, the comedian stars as a life-size iteration of her stand-up sidekick.

TO KILL A WOLF (Kelsey Taylor, US) World Premiere

Reimagining the classic fable Little Red Riding Hood, a young girl is discovered in the snowy Oregon landscapes by a social pariah. This dark psychological drama interrogates trauma, grief and redemption in a dangerous world.

XIBALBA MONSTER (Manuela Irene, Mexico) World Premiere

A young boy forms an unlikely friendship with an ageing hermit while struggling to make sense of the death of his parents. This delicately moving film explores the circle of life, the human experience and the order of the natural world.

Out Of Competition Features

ACTING (Sophie Fiennes, UK) World Premiere

In an old castle, a dozen young actors work on Shakespeare’s Scottish Play (Macbeth) with an insightful theatre director. This immersive documentary looks behind the scenes at the acting process, and is a celebration of artistic collaboration.

AND MRS (Daniel Reisinger, UK) World Premiere

When Gemma’s (Aisling Bea) fiancé (Colin Hanks) dies shortly before their wedding day, she decides to marry him anyway. An unconventional romantic comedy which explores fidelity, strength and the lengths we go to honour our commitments.

ARMAND (Halfdan Ullmann Tønde, Norway) UK Premiere

Camera D’Or Winner, Cannes 2024

Elizabeth (Renate Reinsve) is shocked to discover that her son has been accused of crossing boundaries at school. A tightly wound and exhilarating drama examining the assumptions that adults can make when trying to uncover the truth.

BETWEEN THE TEMPLES (Nathan Silver, US) UK Premiere

A cantor having a crisis of faith is reunited with his high school music teacher, who is intent on having a late life Bat Mitzvah. This elegantly observed comedy drama delicately balances farce and romance.

BLACK DOG (Guan Hu, Taiwan) UK Premiere

Un Certain Regard Main Prize Winner,Cannes 2024

Returning to his hometown following time in prison, a young man befriends a stray whippet in this tale of companionship and redemption. This profound and moving drama is a soulful delight for dog lovers everywhere.

BLUE SUN PALACE (Constance Tsang, US) UK Premiere

Far from home, Amy and Didi have built new lives for themselves in Flushing, Queens. But tragedy will break the world they have created. A beautiful drama about absence, grief and the human need for connection.

BOGANCLOCH (Ben Rivers, UK) UK Premiere

Observing a solitary soul at the edge of the world, this mesmerising documentary follows forest-dwelling hermit Jake Williams as he lives a self-contained existence in the Scottish wilderness. The director revisits his subject after Two Years at Sea (2011).

JOY DANCER (Suzanne Smith, Sylvia Solf, US) World Premiere

A dance-filled documentary about South African choreographer and activist Gregory Maqoma and composer Thuthuka Sibisi, and their creation of a dance theatre piece based on the true story of the first Black South African choir travelling to the UK.

MONGREL (Wei Liang Chiang, You Qiao Yin, Taiwan) UK Premiere

An undocumented Thai careworker in a remote region of Taiwan navigates a lack of status and currency alongside the people he looks after. This compassionate drama observes people disenfranchised by a system that barely acknowledges them.

MY FAVOURITE CAKE (Maryam Moghadam, Behtash Sanaeeha) UK Premiere

An elderly Iranian widow befriends a lonely taxi driver in Tehran, railing against strict social structures. A profoundly moving meditation on ageing, loneliness and love in unexpected places – and a reflection on societal repression of both men and women.

A NEW KIND OF WILDERNESS (Silje Evensmo Jacobsen, Norway)

Grand Jury Prize & World Cinema Documentary Winner, Sundance 2024

When a tragic event shatters the world of the Payne family, they are forced to give up their idyllic, off-the-grid lifestyle in the Norwegian wilderness. An ode to nature and resilience, this documentary is warm, potent and deeply moving.

SCHIRKOA: IN LIES WE TRUST (Ishan Shukla, India) UK Premiere

Animation NETPAC Award Winner, Rotterdam 2024

In a dystopian world where differences are erased, pressures mount towards revolution. Spectacularly animated using video game technology, our societal fears about social control and liberation are confronted in this unique and timely nightmare.

SING SING (Greg Kwedar, US) European Premiere Presented by We Are Parable and EIFF

With a career-best performance from Colman Domingo, this poignant drama unfolds in the walls of the notorious Sing Sing prison in upstate New York. A story of resilience and the restorative impact of art, it offers us pieces of hope in even the darkest places.

STEPPENWOLF (Adilkhan Yerzhanov, Kazakhstan) UK Premiere

A woman searching for her son encounters a corrupt sociopathic investigator who will stop at nothing to carve the way forward for them both. This is a dystopian, modern and brutal take on classic Western and Samurai films, with an unlikely female heart.


This riveting documentary focuses on the life and work of Scottish artist Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, 20 years after her death. Exploring the artist’s life and her wordless language of colour, new ways of seeing are found.

THE MOUNTAIN WITHIN ME (Polly Steele, UK) World Premiere

Following an almost fatal injury, rugby player Ed Jackson’s recovery is charted through a new-found love for mountaineering. This courageous documentary is starkly honest and unsentimental in its examination of a life forever changed.

THE RADLEYS (Euros Lyn UK) World Premiere

A bloodthirsty, dark comedy about a suppressed family of vampires. Adapted from Matt Haig’s (The Midnight Library) titular novel by comedian Jo Brand and writer Talitha Stevenson, this is a fresh, inventive reimagining of the vampire genre.

TIMESTALKER  (Alice Lowe, UK) UK Premiere.

Screening with short film DON’T HATE ME (Grace Campbell, UK)

Would you chase true love across centuries? With a reincarnation twist, this romantic comedy is full of big hair and a big heart. Emotionally insightful and entertaining, and with a terrific supporting cast, this hilarious and moving film is truly unique.

Midnight Madness

BIRDEATER (Jack Clark, Jim Weir, Australia) UK Premiere (M/M)

Screening with short film MAKE ME A PIZZA (Talia Shea Levin, US) UK Premiere

When Irene joins fiancé Louis on his stag-do in the remote Australian bush, the night slowly devolves into chaos. Blending psychological horror with an exploration of toxic masculinity,  audiences will be on the edge of their seats.

KING BABY (Kit Redstone, Arran Shearing, UK) UK Premiere

Screening with short film DUCK (Rachel Maclean, Scotland)

Prompted by a royal vision, a king and his servant carve themselves a queen. A surreal comedy about serving others, arrogance, and the slippery nature of power. Enigmatic performances make for a royally unexpected watch.

ODDITY (Damian Mc Carthy, Ireland) UK Premiere

Screening with short film ONE MORE ROUND (Zach Magid, Andrew Tyrell, US) UK Premiere

A medium is determined to find her sister’s murderer with the support of an unnerving wooden mannequin. Set in rural Ireland, this ghoulish haunted house horror is a dread-inducing thrill ride from start to finish.

SUNRAY: FALLEN SOLDIER (James Clarke, Daniel Shephard, UK) World Premiere

Screening with short film MEAT PUPPET (Eros V, UK) UK Premiere

Created by and starring former Royal Marines Commandos, this adrenaline fuelled thriller follows a war veteran seeking justice in a violent criminal world. The film also offers a hard-hitting portrayal of PTSD.

Lynda Myles Celebrates…

GALA AND KIWI (Axel Cheb Terrab, Argentina) World Premiere

Screening with short film SIESTA (Gustavo Rene Sanabria, Argentina)

During a wild drunken night, two women face hard truths about their friendship. This gritty and emotional drama is a dazzling showcase for new talent, and will be introduced by producer, screenwriter and former EIFF Director, Lynda Myles.

Special Events and Retrospectives

I KNOW WHERE I’M GOING! (Emeric Pressburger, Michael Powell, 1945 UK)

Iconic editor Thelma Schoonmaker delivers an extended intro to Powell and Pressburger’s 1945 romantic masterpiece. Moving, funny and deeply serious in its exploration of love, history and the secrets buried in the remote Mull landscape.


We are joined by the iconic filmmaker and master provocateur for a wide-ranging discussion of his career and filmmaking.

SUSPIRIA (Dario Argento, 1977 Italy)

Director Gaspar Noé presents a cult classic. An American newcomer to a prestigious ballet academy comes to realise that the school is a front for something sinister amid a series of grisly murders.

THE UNTOUCHABLES (Brian De Palma, 1987 US)

The Festival welcomes The Connery Foundation and members of the Connery family to present a special screening of Brian De Palma’s iconic gangland thriller.


Featuring a knockout soundtrack, spectacular production design and standout performances from Paul Williams, William Finley and Jessica Harper, prepare for a sensory delight.

Competition Shorts

PATERNAL ADVICE (Lisa Clarkson, Scotland) World Premiere

A starkly realist short from Scottish director Lisa Clarkson exploring tough love and masculinity passed down the generations.

HOMEWORK (Jamie di Spirito, UK) World Premiere

A powerful film about the secrets kept between a mother and her daughters from British director Jamie di Spirito. Director: Jamie di Spirito.

MY DAD AND THE VOLCANO (Gavin Reid, Scotland) World Premiere

Scottish director Gavin Reid explores his relationship with his father and his art in this quirky and poignant documentary short.

MY EXPLODING HOUSE (Liberty Smith, UK) World Premiere

An experimental documentary by British director Liberty Smith investigating her mother’s thirty-year-old memory of their old house being blown up for a television film.

NICO (Max Olson, US) World Premiere

American director Max Olson debuts their unique visual style, in this bold and haunting short about a trans man who reminds an elderly widow of her late husband.

MANNY WOLFE (Trevor Neuhoff, US) World Premiere

A funny and moving spin on classic noir featuring a werewolf actor who can’t catch a break in Hollywood, directed by Trevor Neuhoff.

SHOAL (Cardumen) (Inés Villanueva) World Premiere

Given the task of writing a song about molluscs and existentialism, a young singer works on her entry during a birthday party in this beautiful Argentine comedy from Inés Villanueva.

THE JUBILEE (Wilma Smith, Scotland) World Premiere

Blending live-action with napkin-based stop-motion animation, this Scottish short directed by Wilma Smith explores dementia through a new and potent lens.

Out Of Competition Shorts In Association With Screen Academy Scotland

ANALOG MEDIUM (Tom Campbell, Australia) InternationalPremiere

ALWAYS RETURN (Paulina Urreta, Mexico) International Premiere

AUTISM PLAYS ITSELF (Janet Harbord, UK) UK Premiere

MOTHER TONGUE (Vea Mafile’o, New Zealand) European Premiere

WHERE MY MEMORY BEGAN (Priscilla Kounkou Hoveyda, Sierra Leone) UK Premiere

THE WATERGAW (Lewis Cranston, Scotland) World Premiere

FRATER (Valentin Guiod, France) International Premiere

STEPMOTHER (Negar Naghavi, France, Turkey) International Premiere

Animation Shorts

BUG DINER (Phoebe Jane Hart, US) UK Premiere

Short Film Jury Award for Animation winner at Sundance, 2024

BUNNYHOOD (Mansi Maheshwari, UK) UK Premiere

La Cinef Prize Winner at Cannes, 2024

EXTREMELY SHORT (Koji Yamamura, Japan) UK Premiere

FAIRGROUND FEVER (Linda Hughes, Scotland) World Premiere

LIMINAL ROOTS (Aliyah Harfoot, UK) UK Premiere

ON HOLD (Delia Hess, Switzerland) UK Premiere

PLUNGE (Ellie Land, UK) World Premiere

SILENT PANORAMA (Nicolas Piret, Belgium) International Premiere

TAKO TSUBO (Sorgo Fanny, Pedroza Eva, Austria/Germany) UK Premiere

THE BLEACHER (Adam Wilder, Nicole Daddona, United States) UK Premiere

THREE BIRDS (Zarja Menart, Slovenia, Croatia) UK Premiere

Experimental Shorts

KYKLOP (Telemach Wiesinger, Germany) UK Premiere

FRIEDL (Christiana Perschon, Austria) UK Premiere

I DON’T WANT TO BE FILMED BUT RATHER SHOOT MYSELF (Friedl vom Gröller, Austria) UK Premiere

OUR CAVE (Heehyun Choi, South Korea) International Premiere

DESIRE PATH (Sofia Theodore-Pierce) UK Premiere

TERMINAL ISLAND (Sam Drake, US) UK Premiere

HOLOGRAPHIC WILL (Mike Stoltz, US) UK Premiere



BOSCO (Stefano Canapa, Lucie Leszez, France) UK Premiere

ADRIFT POTENTIALS (Leonardo Pirondi, Brazil, United States) UK Premiere

Bridging The Gap: Scottish Documentary Institute Shorts

HEADLAND (Mariana Duarte, UK) World Premiere

ROLL DOWN THE WINDOW (Lipa Hussain, UK) World Premiere

SEEKING (Ciara Fint, UK) World Premiere


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