Ed Sheeran visited barber, played badminton and tossed 'yee sang' during KL stopover (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 26 — British singer Ed Sheeran had his beard shaved by a local barber during a stopover in KL for his +-=÷x (Mathematics) Asia Tour over the weekend.

In a post shared on his Instagram, which the 33-year-old captioned “I love Malaysia” with the heart emoji, the Grammy award winner shared his visits around the capital city that included a batik workshop and a florist.

Sheeran also managed to sneak in a badminton match with national player Chan Peng Soon.

They were joined by Malaysian YouTuber Jinnyboy and founder of Motion Lab Joseph Lee.

The clip ends with Sheeran tossing yee sang with his team while Jinnyboy explains to the Shape of You singer the significance of the act.

Speaking to New Straits Times, Chan, who is a mixed doubles specialist, said he never expected to be called up for the game.

“It was a real experience for me because Ed is such a nice guy,” said Chan of singer.

“When I got called up, I thought this was such a nice way to promote the sport and also our country,” he said, adding that Sheeran also mentioned Malaysians’ love of badminton in his clip.

Chan said they played for about an hour and then exchanged jerseys.

“I gave him my CPS Badminton Academy jersey, and he gave me one of his favourite English football clubs, Ipswich Town,” he said.