Ed Sheeran trial live: Singer announced as Katy Perry’s American Idol replacement ahead of trial verdict

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In the coming days, a Manhattan jury is expected to hand down a verdict in Ed Sheeran’s copyright trial.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that Sheeran will temporarily replace Katy Perry on American Idol.

Sheeran’s currently being sued by the heirs of Ed Townsend, the songwriter who composed the 1973 slow jam classic “Let’s Get It On” with Marvin Gaye.

They have accused Sheeran’s 2014 song of copying the anthem’s harmonic progressions as well as melodic and rhythmic elements without permission.

The lawsuit was initially filed in 2017, however, it’s taken six years to finally reach a Manhattan federal court.

Sheeran vehemently denies plagiarising “Let’s Get It On”. His lawyers have argued that the song uses common constructions found in many pop tracks.

Should the “Perfect” singer be found liable for copyright infringement, the trial will enter a second phase to determine how much he’ll owe in damages.

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Didn’t Ed Sheeran already fight a similar lawsuit?

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Yes. In April 2022, Ed Sheeran won another copyright lawsuit after he was accused of plagiarising his song “Shape of You” from Sami Chokri’s 2015 track “Oh Why”.

Why is Ed Sheeran being sued?

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In 2017, the British singer was sued by the heirs of Ed Townsend, Martin Gaye’s co-writer of the 1973 soul classic.

They claim that Sheeran’s 2014 hit “Thinking Out Loud” has “striking similarities” to “Let’s Get It On” and “overt common elements” that violate the song’s copyright.

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Ed Sheeran Copyright Lawsuit (Copyright 2023 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)
Ed Sheeran Copyright Lawsuit (Copyright 2023 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

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