An eco-village in Lebanon defies fuel crisis

This eco-village defies Lebanon's economic crisis

It relies on producing handmade soap and shampoo bars

using locally grown ingredients, primitive methods, and renewable energy

Location: Koura, Lebanon

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) SOAP MAKER AND FOUNDER OF BADER HASSOUN ECO-VILLAGE, BADER HASSOUN, SAYING:"After all the preparation we did, self sufficiency, environmental recycling, depending on renewable energy, we benefitted from it now, we didn't expect to reach such circumstances, but here we are working with renewable energy, sun, wood and alternative gas."

Hassoun says he opened the village in 2016

The business now supports dozens of local families

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) MARKETING DIRECTOR AT BADER HASSOUN ECO-VILLAGE AND SON OF BADER HASSOUN, AMIR HASSOUN, SAYING:"We do believe in the green economy, to invest properly in the land in order to preserve it and not to harm nature."

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