EasyJet cuts more flights as travel chaos mounts

STORY: EasyJet is cutting more flights.

The budget airline said Monday (June 20) that it would trim services further to manage problems including a shortage of ground staff.

It’s also facing a cap on flights at major hubs including London Gatwick and Amsterdam.

EasyJet said the moves would reduce the need for same-day cancellations.

But it’s just the latest sign of a brewing summer of chaos for European travellers.

Airports around the region are racing to hire thousands of staff to cope with resurgent demand.

But the recruitment blitz looks too late to avert trouble.

Strikes and shortages have already caused disruption in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and Frankfurt.

Now new strikes are brewing in Belgium, France, Spain and Scandinavia.

Aviation lost 2.3 million jobs globally during the health crisis according to an industry body.

Many workers may now be slow to return, having taken jobs in the gig economy or retired early.

The remaining airport workers say shortages are leading to overwork, angry passengers and low morale.

Adding to the problem are heightened security measures which mean it takes longer for workers to get clearance.

In France, unions says it now takes up to five months.

And that leaves Paris’s two main airports with 4,000 vacancies to fill.

With the summer season here, it looks like there is no quick fix.

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