Eastern Kentucky Resident Surveys Damage to Family Member's Home After Waist-High Flooding

A house in the small community of Blackey, Kentucky, was left “completely destroyed” after flooding devastated parts of eastern Kentucky, video taken on July 29 shows.

Footage published on TikTok by Lakyn Bolen shows the extent of the damage to her “Papaw’s” house in Blackey after heavy rains led to deadly flooding.

In the video, Bolen shows muddy debris covering the floors and various household items, as well as the refrigerator and multiple chairs flipped over from the waist-high floodwaters.

Although she said the family was able to save some pictures that were hanging on the wall, everything else was “pretty much destroyed.”

Kentucky Gov Andy Beshear said on Monday, August 1, that at least 37 people were confirmed dead in eastern Kentucky after the flooding. The state was accepting donations for people affected by the floods on the Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund website. Credit: Lakyn Bolen via Storyful

Video transcript

LAKYN BOLEN: This is my papa's house over in Blackie. This is what happened due to the flooding. I've showed you all a video of his house before, many months ago. But this is what it looks like now. It's completely destroyed. They were able to make it out safe but most of the stuff in the house is not salvageable.

The refrigerator was actually flipped over. There's mud everywhere. Chairs have been flipped over, washing machines. It's just an absolute nightmare. Based on the items in the house, it seems that the water has got up to about waist high before it went back down. We were able to save the pictures on the wall. But other than that, all the other pictures got wet. We've been trying to draw them out. Everything is pretty much destroyed.

Some people's homes in this area are not even standing. My papa's is still standing. Everything is destroyed, but there are a lot of homes out there that have ended up in the middle of roads, down rivers. It's just unreal. There's several different ways you all can donate if you want to. We have different drop off centers in the County and surrounding areas. We have GoFundMes. We have any link you could send money to.

But we appreciate everything that you all have done for us and please continue to pray for my community.

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