These Easter Trees Are the Pastel Explosion of Your Springtime Dreams

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Instagram @farmhousemadedesigns; @rosenchinohome; @malexi76

From House Beautiful

Break out your Christmas tree — if you ever put it away after decorating it for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, that is — because it’s time to cover it in pastels! Easter trees are the fun, festive decoration that will have the Easter Bunny spending a little extra time in your home.

With warmer weather approaching, a colorful spring-approved tree will add a special touch your décor. As with any holiday-inspired trees, you can decorate it however you like! Since it’s Eastertime, it makes sense to go with egg-shaped ornaments and floral garland. Or you could with a bunny and carrot theme. You’d be surprised just how chic you can make it!

There’s nothing wrong with using your artificial green tree that comes out during the holiday season, but don’t be afraid to try a pink, white, or pastel-colored tree. That makes decorating even easier, because the tree itself is half the beauty of it. Swap out your Christmas star for an Easter sign, bunny ears, or plush bunny rabbit to top off your creation and prepare for a lot of impressed stares!

Now that you’re ready to get your Easter tree up (because you are, right?), scroll through the examples below on how some people made their trees so festive. Who knows, you might never be able to celebrate Easter without a tree again!

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