The Easter bunnies getting chocolate vaccines

Easter bunnies promote vaccines

Location: Lajosmizse, Hungary

(SOUNDBITE) (Hungarian) CONFECTIONER, LASZLO RIMOCZI, SAYING:"We've just added a chocolate vaccine to our bunny figures and with that, we want to symbolize this difficult period. But at the same time, we want to send a positive message that we may not need to mask our faces and close ourselves off, as the vaccine is a ray of light and hope."

The bunnies are made with Italian chocolate

and sprinkled with silver food coloring powder


We again received good and bad comments, but I think that all things will pass. Similarly to the case of the masked Santa for those who find this a bit morbid or fear that I will ruin the good mood of children at Easter, I can make bunnies without vaccines as an alternative."