The Easiest Way To Shuck Oysters At Home w/ Two Different Sauces

Fresh and gorgeous, these Oysters are the perfect party-starter! However, many people think that shucking oyster is a little bit of a high hurdle. This video will show you how to open up the shell very easily and prepare an impressively delicious raw oyster. No special skills required! ============================================================= ❥ YouTube : ❥ Instagram : ============================================================= ● Ingredients ・Fresh Oysters ... as may as you like ・Lemmon ... 1 ・Ketchup ・Tabasco ・Chives ・Daikon ... 8~10cm ・Dried Thai Red pepper ... 2 ・Ponzu ● Cooking Recipe 1) Peel Daikon and make a 1 - 2in cut through the center. 2) Remove seeds from the Dried Red Peppers and embed them into the cut you made in the Daikon. 3) Grate the Daikon on the side containing the Red Peppers. Softly squeeze the water from grated Daikon. This is called “Momiji Oroshi.” 4) Finely chop Chives. 5) In a small bowl, combine the juice of 1/4 a lemon, ketchup, tabasco. Mix well. 6) Scrub the oysters under cold water with a stiff brush, such as old tooth brush, to remove the dirt paying attention to the hinge and seam areas where mud has a tendency to get trapped. 7) Put a work glove on the hand holding the oyster. Make a small hole on the side of the oyster using pilers or a hammer. 8) Place the oyster up-side down and insert an oyster/butter knife into the hole and cut the adductor muscle. 9) Remove the upper shell and lightly rinse the contents with running water to wash off fragments of shell and the dirt inside. 10) Cut the bottom of the adductor muscle. 11) Serve with sauce made during step 5 and/or Ponzu with chopped chives and Momiji Oroshi. ● Cooking tips ・Leftover Momiji Oroshi can be wrapped in batches and stored in a freezer. ・The oyster shell is sharp and pointed, so make sure that your hand is well protected. ・It’s controversial whether to wash oyster after opening the shell, but I do. Some Japanese chefs say that they wash them with grated Daikon and rinse with water.

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