Earth Day 2022: Hatta Dolmat On His Sustainable Raya Collection

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Driven by the passion to create a sustainable collection for his consumers, Hatta Dolmat shares with us about his one-of-a-kind Raya collection and his future plans.

Couturiers are relentless in their pursuit of originality. And as one considers the trends that have cycled in and out, and back in again, it is certainly ironic so few have stopped to ask, “What of the waste?”. Some reports claim the worldwide production of fast fashion is responsible for at last 10% of our annual carbon emissions. Plus, clothing companies form the second largest generator of water pollution. But unlike air travel, shore excursions using disposable plastic and driving to and from work, fashion’s impact is less obvious.

Unless you have the fastidious eye of designer Hatta Dolmat. Coupled with the courage to look inward instead of yielding to how things have always been done, Hatta’s singular vision to introduce new ways of creating stylish clothes, has won him a unique accolade in the Malaysian Book of Records.

Now famous as the first local designer to assemble a “completely sustainable collection”, he’s pairing glamour with responsibility in ways that have caught the imagination of the young. His fluid and softly tailored lines on loose-cut pants with high waists and easy-fit t-shirts, coloured in muted shades of sky blue, tan, teal and dusty pink, belie the fact Hatta uses yarn partially made from plastic bottles.

Collaborating with Kloth Cares – a fabric upcycler – Hatta’s clothes are made of 40% cotton and and 60% rPET (recycled polyethylene tetraphyte). Used primarily in his HD Monogram 20/21 Collection, it was Hatta’s impulse to make something of the mountain of leftover fabric that led him to rethink and reshape the way men and women everywhere should dress. His name will forever be fused with this pivotal collection, and his brand has risen from being a mere fashion label to a shorthand for something much cleverer and more sensitive to where the world is heading.

What’s your recipe for crafting a creative vision?
I started to develop my vision as a fashion designer when I graduated with my bachelor’s degree. I realised that combining arts and fashion is a great recipe for creating wonders. Slowly, I developed my skills in fashion design and learned from the experts in the industry. I believe you must be driven by passion in whatever that you do. That helps a lot.

People describe fashion as glamorous, poetic, self-revealing, expressive… But what about fashion does a layperson not understand?
Fashion is never just about ‘glamour’. Fashion is a responsibility. We must be true to our own responsibilities in every aspect. I am personally invested in contributing my talent and skills towards helping the environment and developing a brighter future. Fashion goes beyond a sparkly dress worn by some celebrity at an event. Fashion is about understanding the purpose of the design, the contributions we could make towards our fellow humans, and how to use our name in the most noble ways.

When you started to layout the basic shapes and ideas for HD Monogram, what challenges did you face?

The HD Monogram logo was accidentally designed. I’ve always harboured dreams of creating my own monogram logo that can maintain its shape and size whenever it turns to the right or left; and up or down. It took months to get the exact right shape and size.

Give us three words that best describe your sustainable collection.
Timeless, original and urban.

Your Raya collection is one-of-a-kind. Tell us about the inspiration behind your amazing concepts.
This raya collection is a continuation of the HD OMBRE KLFW 2021. The ideas informing the collection were inspired by oceanic features such as the shimmering reflection of the midnight moon on water, or the darkest depths of the sea, and the sense of leisure one derives from being on a tropical island. The design began as a batik painting that I created, which we digitalised onto fabrics. It was a collection to uphold and promote the uniqueness of Batik Malaysia.

What aspects or essential elements about the Raya collection should people be aware of?
Modesty, simplicity and originality. We must understand that Raya is a cultural celebration. Hence, westernizing it with glam baju raya is totally inappropriate. Over the years, I’ve realized that people are seeking modest baju raya with the designer’s original signature concepts and fabric motifs.

Your Miss Universe 2022 sketches are a work of art. Describe your creative process on this series.
The ideas and the concepts reflect our unique Malaysian culture. I did a massive amount of research in order to better grasp the authentic ideas of our local cultures without jeopardising the historical facts. The journey from start to end, from finalising designs to getting the right information, took almost a year to complete.

When you dressed Yuna for her latest single, what was that experience like?
Yuna is a one-of-a-kind human being. She understands what looks and styles suit her best; she truly understands herself. My role was to enhance her beauty. She is a very easy person to communicate with and I believe our years of friendship have also contributed to the success of our partnership.

What other design projects would you like to work on, besides designing clothes?
We have a new brand venture coming some time around mid 2022. I am turning my talents toward sustainable home decor which uses sustainable fabrics combined with my signature fabric motifs. It will be a premium line but at surprisingly affordable prices.

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