Eamonn Holmes says Holly Willoughby 'stabbed Phillip Schofield in the back'

Responding to Phillip Schofield's exit from This Morning, GB News host Eamonn Holmes says the presenter 'was sacked' rather than quit, and said that his co-presenter Holly Willoughby was complicit in his departure from the ITV show.

Video transcript

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: All of this course follows the big announcement on Saturday from Phillip Schofield that he was stepping down.

EAMONN HOLMES: Oh, please, let's just stop this. He was sacked, right? All this nonsense about giving him-- "I've have decided to step down." I'm sure you did. Sure you did, here. Here's your P45, now step down.

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: Is that stabbing him in the back?

EAMONN HOLMES: Yes. She made her name on the back of him.

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: Yes, but if he's--

EAMONN HOLMES: She used false--

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY: --done something that doesn't want to be associated with, and she said, either he goes or I go, is that stabbing someone in the back, or is that saying, hang on I have my own professional--

EAMONN HOLMES: Yeah, it is stabbing in the back.