Eagles share a meal while they guard their eggs in the nest

Eagles are among the most majestic of birds. Large, fearsome creatures, they are the top predators of the bird world. We see them as symbols of strength and courage. They inspire awe in all who are lucky enough to get a close look. These beautiful eagles are a nesting pair that had found a quiet spot in a tree outside historic Fort Agra in India. They were taking turns tending to their eggs when the male brought a meal back to the nest for his mate. She eagerly ate the meat and even passed him some in an impressive display of affection and sharing. These eggs will hatch soon and the eagles will be busier than ever as they feed 3-4 demanding chicks. This will continue for several weeks as they grow rapidly and get ready to leave the nest to fend for themselves. Eagles are crucial for keeping rodent populations in check. They prey on the weak and the slow which keeps populations healthy. But even healthy rabbit or other animal will be an easy meal if they don't keep a sharp eye on the skies. Eagles are stealthy hunters and they are deadly predators.