E-Scooter Rider Narrowly Avoids Being Hit Crossing Cairns Highway

An e-scooter rider narrowly avoided being hit by a vehicle on a highway in the northern Queensland city of Cairns, footage posted to Facebook on February 28 shows.

Footage released by the Department of Transport and Main Roads captures the near miss on Kamerunga Road.

The department said both road users were at fault.

The driver of the blue car should have stopped at the intersection as the traffic lights changed to yellow with plenty of time to react, the department said, while the e-scooter rider should have waited for the green pedestrian crossing signal before crossing.

“E-scooter riders are vulnerable road users, and you can never predict the behaviour of other road users so always wait for the green signal and check for oncoming vehicles before crossing.” Credit: Transport and Main Roads Queensland via Storyful

Video transcript