E. Jean Carroll’s Lawyer Answers Question On Potential Third Lawsuit Against Trump

Lawyers for the writer E. Jean Carroll are “watching” and “listening” to Donald Trump’s comments about their client following his latest false claim that he didn’t know who she was, Carroll’s attorney Shawn Crowley told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki on Monday.

Psaki suggested to Crowley that Trump, over the weekend, “came awfully close to defaming” Carroll once again when he told supporters: “Who the hell is she? Who is the woman?”

Psaki pointed out, “Trump knows exactly who your client is.”

A jury last year ordered Trump to pay Carroll $5 million in damages after it found him liable for sexual abuse and defamation after Carroll accused him of raping her in the mid-’90s. Another jury in January ordered Trump to pay Carroll $83.3 million after he defamed her again.

Psaki noted, “He was found liable for sexually abusing her and then defaming her by lying about it. Do you watch these, and could this warrant a third suit as you watch that?”

“We certainly watch them. It’s hard not to,” Crowley replied. “Every time Donald Trump speaks, you know, I think as we said at trial many times, he has the biggest megaphone in the world, and so everyone hears them, including us and including our client, E. Jean Carroll. And as you said, what he said was absolutely a lie.”

Crowley continued, “Two unanimous federal juries have found that not only did Trump know who E. Jean was, he sexually assaulted her and lied about it, repeatedly. Everything he said about her over the last five years has been a lie and has been defamatory.”

Crowley added, “So we’re watching, we’re listening. We had really hoped that, as I think the jury found that $83 million would maybe be enough to convince him to keep E. Jean Carroll’s name out of his mouth. Apparently, he showed us this weekend that he really cannot control himself and that maybe it wasn’t. But, you know, we’ll see what happens as this continues to play out.”

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