Dynas Mokhtar wants to be surprised with fourth pregnancy

26 Jan – While she is ready to welcome her baby in May this year, Dynas Mokhtar recently admitted that she and husband have yet to know the gender of their child.

The 39-year-old actress, who spoke about her pregnancy recently, stated that she and her husband Dato' Mohamad Shazrik have not asked the doctors to check if their second kid will be a boy or a girl, as they hope to be surprised.

"We don't really mind about the gender, as long as the baby is safe and healthy," she said.

Being pregnant in her late 30s, Dynas admitted that the first three months were quite difficult compared to her previous three pregnancies.

"I suffered from severe allergy in the first trimester. But praise be to God, I am doing much better now, and the pregnancy has also reached its fifth month," she said, adding that she has now taken a break from acting to focus on her pregnancy.

Dynas and Shazrik welcomed their first child Edriel Obil back in 2019 following their marriage in 2018. She is also mother to two children, Khyra and Haqaish from a previous marriage.

Dynas and Shazrik to welcome their second child together
Dynas and Shazrik to welcome their second child together

(Photo Source: Mohamad Shazrik IG)