Dutch scream and smash to vent COVID rage

How do you deal with COVID frustration and fatigue?

For some locked-down locals in the Netherlands, it involves arming yourself with a crowbar.

Organizers of a project called "Mindful smashing" have launched what they call "CarSmash"...

... which is... exactly what it sounds like!

It's supposed to gives people a physical way of releasing tension by wrecking cars.

The Netherlands went into a sudden lockdown in mid December, with the government ordering the closure of all but essential stores, as well as restaurants and other public places until at least January 14.

As a result, fed-up locals such as Brian Krijger and his twin Steven have been looking for ways to pass the time.

"There is nothing to do these days. We can't work because, we own a bar and we are closed. So we thought we'd let some of that frustration go and smash a car."

Marlijn Boshuizen is the founder of CarSmash.

"The minute they start whacking the car, we ask them to close their eyes, really put their feet on the floor, feel the power, every vein in your body, feel what you are doing, and from that way try to get it out of your life. And it's all about really focussing, a lot of feeling rather than thinking."

Over in the Hague, others are trying a different approach.

Vocal coach Julie Scott is running her "Screech at the Beach" sessions daily.

"It was something to focus on, a daily routine, something physical, something to release some of the tension and I thought 'Well if I feel like that, there's probably quite a few people that can relate to that'."

And participants are finding it helps.

“You can just scream and nobody hears you, you think. You got the feeling that nobody hears you so you don't have to feel ashamed. That's the whole thing, you can just 'Whaa', let yourself go.”

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