Dutch museum unveils previously unseen works

This Dutch museum has unveiled a once-hidden art collection

LOCATION: Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Boijmans Van Beuningen museum is showcasing 151,000 works of art

in an airy, multi-storied, mirrored warehouse building

The collection had previously been hidden from public view

(SOUNDBITE) (English) MUSEUM DIRECTOR DIRECTOR SJAREL EX SAYING:"Encyclopaedic museums, even art museums, have a tendency to show around and about 6-7 percent of their holdings to the public, and the rest is in storage. Which is not a problem, of course, because the storage is like a library, you go there, you have lots of information, you can make loans from there, it's very nice. Though I felt myself that at a certain moment this enormous figure of 93 percent, which means in our case about 140,000 works on paper, and paintings and furniture and designs etc, that that was never on view, or very often not selected to be on view, or to travel to other exhibitions. And there is a moment that the things that you do not look at any more sink into oblivion."

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