Dutch Artist Shares How to Make 'Magical' Mushroom Lights With Hot Glue Gun

An artist based in The Hague, Netherlands, recently shared a tutorial on how to make mushroom fairy lights using hot glue, a log, and decorative moss.

Dutch artist Valerie de Lange, whose oeuvre includes hat-wearing skeletons and forest-fairy scenes, uploaded a video showing how the illuminated mushrooms were made to her TikTok account on August 27.

In the video, recorded by de Lange, the artist covers LED lights in glue and shapes them like mushroom stems, attaching them to a log that she eventually covers with moss. The mushroom caps are made of dried hot glue circles.

She told Storyful that the “magical hot glue mushrooms” were a lot of fun to make. Credit: Valerie de Lange via Storyful

Video transcript