This dungeon crawler feels like a classic Cartoon Network show, and I can't wait to play it


This upcoming vampire dungeon crawler is being developed by Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network animators, and it shows.

On March 18, Humble Games announced it has partnered with Exit 73 Studios to bring its debut game #Blud to PC next year. During the Humble Games Showcase 2023, the publisher showed a brand new trailer for the upcoming game and revealed more about its setting and characters.

We haven't actually seen much from Exit 73 about #Blud in a few years, with the last gameplay trailer we got for the game releasing back in 2019. In today's trailer, we got to see more of teen protagonist Becky Brewster as she balances school life, friends, field hockey, and vampire hunting in the action RPG.

As you can probably guess from #Blud's art style and character designs, Exit 73 Studios is not only a game developer but also an animation studio. The company has previously worked with Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network on shows such as OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes - which makes a lot of sense.

As soon as I saw #Blud I instantly thought of the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon shows of my childhood such as Dexter's Laboratory and My Life as a Teenage Robot. The vibrant, springy animations, cute character design, and humor in this game makes me feel so nostalgic so I can't wait to fight vampires and face off against school bullies when #Blud releases sometime in 2024.

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