Duncan James & Antony Costa on reuniting as Blue, their greatest hits and misses, and life lessons learned along the way

00s boyband royalty Duncan James and Antony Costa from Blue chat to Kate about how it feels to be back on stage together in 2022, their greatest hits and misses from years gone by, and how Kate may have unknowingly been the catalyst for what created the group in the first place in the late 90s.

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Video transcript

ANTONY COSTA: It's nice to get a second bite of the cherry, or as you said, our probably 16th bite of the cherry.

KATE THORNTON: I think you've probably been through a whole punnett at this stage.


KATE THORNTON: There is a lot of love out there. You've done some huge shows.

DUNCAN JAMES: We did the Mighty Hoopla Festival, which was just insane. And it was just thousands, and thousands, and thousands of people. And I kid you not, everybody was just singing every single word to our song and it was the weirdest comeback gig.

ANTONY COSTA: Oh, it was amazing.

DUNCAN JAMES: I didn't even realize at the time, I didn't even know my own self, the height of Blue and it was just everything was a real blur back then, wasn't it? It was mad.

ANTONY COSTA: Literally, yeah.

DUNCAN JAMES: And then, of course, I knew that I had a secret boyfriend. I knew that I was gay.

ANTONY COSTA: None of us knew.

DUNCAN JAMES: But I didn't tell anybody.

KATE THORNTON: Did you know?

DUNCAN JAMES: And then, of course, I to find out I'm going to be a dad. So it was just like, hang on a minute, whoa, I need to tell this girl everything. So I just went blurted it out and then it was, like, "Oh my God, I've told somebody."


DUNCAN JAMES: That was the catalyst of me then telling my mom.

KATE THORNTON: Because once you've said it out loud, it's the genie's out of the bottle, right?

ANTONY COSTA: But in 2005, when we sort of called it a day, I was lost, Kate.

KATE THORNTON: I really get that. I think--

ANTONY COSTA: I lost my mates. Phoning the record company, all of a sudden they were in meetings. Trying to find my mates like Dunc and Lee and Si. They were all busy doing solo. And I was like, I was sitting at home.

And I thought, I don't know what, I don't know what to do. The jungle, I'm a celebrity, saved me. I wouldn't say because I went to depression, because I didn't, but it saved me because it gave me a thing of showing what I can do being the personality that I've got, the cheeky chappy. We talk all the time.

Not saying we didn't before. Dunc, for instance, he loves a group phone call, which is that's what he likes. He likes to get everything out in the open and go, "right, boys, this is what's happening. Let's talk about this, let's talk about that, that's talk about that." And it's great, because 20 years ago Dunc wouldn't have done that.

DUNCAN JAMES: I think 2022 for Blue, for me, it's having the opportunity to be back with the boys again and actually having a second chance to enjoy it. First time around, I couldn't enjoy everything because of the secrets that I was hiding and the rods that I was carrying. But this time around, I don't have any of that. So I'm just enjoying life.


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