Duncan James & Antony Costa on which member of Blue constantly forgets the words to their songs

One half of British boyband legends Blue, Duncan James & Antony Costa reveal which member of the group constantly forgets the words to their songs, even after twenty years of singing them.

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Video transcript

DUNCAN JAMES: I always forget the words. It's an age thing.

KATE THORNTON: You forget the words?

DUNCAN JAMES: I forget things.

ANTONY COSTA: Kate, honestly, we're doing a gig. And it's like, I don't know, "One love." And he's like--

DUNCAN JAMES: I will do a little shimmy over to Antony and be like--

ANTONY COSTA: He'll go, what's the words?

DUNCAN JAMES: --what's the words? What's the first line? What's the first line. I remember-- this is a true story. We were-- I think it was like the equivalent of the Italian National Lottery show. We were stood there. And we were singing our song. And it got to my verse. And I just-- you know when you get just a mind blank?

And I kid you not, the camera's on me. It was live television. So I thought, well, I better sing something. Because there was nothing in my head. I was like, I don't have a clue what I'm singing. And all of the boys just look across to me. And they just-- they just got this. And I'm like, [VOCALIZING].

ANTONY COSTA: And I couldn't help you, because we had four mic stands. And I was at the end.

DUNCAN JAMES: Yeah, but you were just all laughing at me. You were just like--

ANTONY COSTA: How could you not? How could you-- like it's the funniest thing.