‘Dumbest man alive:’ Will Smith and Dwayne Johnson reassure Kevin Hart as injury leaves him in wheelchair

Kevin Hart has been supported by his celebrity pals after he ended up in a wheelchair while settling a “debate”.

The actor and comedian says he “can’t walk” after challenging retired NFL star Stevan Ridley to a race to find out “who is faster”.

However, things didn’t go too well for the Get Hard star who ended up tearing his lower abdomen.

“I tried to jump out there and do some young stuff … and I was told to sit my a** down,” he told his Instagram followers, calling himself “the dumbest man alive”.

“What are we competing for at this age? What am I doing?” Why did I even race? Stupidest s*** ever,” he said.

Hart, who is 44, urged his fans over the age of 40 to “respect” their age.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the age 40 is real,” he said, adding: “Respect that age or that age will make you respect it. i was just forced to respect it.”

His celebrity friends shared words of encouragement, with Will Smith replying: “Getting older is REAL!! Heal Up, Kev!!”

Comedian Wanda Sykes said: “If 44 is kicking yo ass..wait til you hit 55…you might just disintegrate. Get well dummy!”

Dwayne Johnson reassured Hart by saying: “I tore my adductor off my pelvis during a wrestling match. True story. You’ll be fine. You’ll grow a 3rd ball but you’ll be fine. Heal up.”

Kevin Hart (Instagram)
Kevin Hart (Instagram)

Meanwhile, singer Mario told him: “You gotta warm up for about 10 minutes big fella!”

Hart was involved in a car accident in 2019. He was in the passenger seat of his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda when it veered off-road in Malibu and down a steep verge.

In a police report, it was declared that the car’s driver Jared Black was “driving recklessly” at the time of the accident.

Hart, who said that he could have died in the accident, revealed that he covered up the extent of his injuries while in recovery, as he was concerned doctors may have encouraged him to stop fighting.

Hart used a walker in the weeks following the crash, but was able to return to relative physical normality within two months.