'It’s dumb and silly': Britney Spears criticises media for sensationalising her upcoming memoir

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 21 — American popstar Britney Spears is speaking out against the media coverage of her memoir The Woman in Me.

In a statement on X, the singer criticised the press coverage that sensationalised her past relationships in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

She stressed that she did not want to harm anyone’s reputation with the experiences in her book which took place over 20 years ago.

This comes after People magazine dropped a bombshell on Tuesday that Spears had an abortion during her relationship with singer Justin Timberlake when she was 19.

Times magazine also covered a fling Spears had with actor Colin Farell which she described as a ‘two-week brawl’ in reference to the intense passion between the couple.

Early previews of the book were seen and reported by People magazine, The New York Times and Times magazine.

“That was me then... that's in the past!!! I don’t like the headlines I am reading...That’s exactly why I left the business four years ago,” Spears said in her statement.

“...although some might be offended, it has given me closure on all things for a better future! Hopefully I can enlighten people who feel particularly alone in most cases or hurt or misunderstood!”

“Again, my motive for this book was not to harp on my past experiences, which is what the press is doing and it’s dumb and silly! I have moved on since then!”

The Woman in Me is set to be released on October 24.