Duke of Edinburgh says monarchy ‘important as ever in bringing people together’

The Duke of Edinburgh has said the monarchy is “as important as ever” in “trying to bring people together”.

Edward was all smiles on Wednesday when he visited a London youth centre as the patron of London Youth.

He told the Daily Mail: “Our role – being part of the monarchy – in trying to bring people together is as important as ever, if not more so today.”

He also said that he has recently visited charities that assist refugees and new immigrants to demonstrate what the modern monarchy can do.

Royal visit to the Salmon Youth Centre
The Duke of Edinburgh during a visit to the Salmon Youth Centre in London (Jordan Pettitt/PA)

“I’m always intrigued that when you scratch the surface of any Brit, you find there’s usually much more to them than just, you know, ‘Made in Britain’,” the duke said.

“I think we all wonder how we can reach out to those communities who perhaps don’t always think that this, the monarchy, is something for them.”

He also said that people at family support charities were “somewhat surprised” by his visit to lend support to new Britons.

London Youth chief executive Pauline Daniyan said the duke is “incredibly supportive in terms of the work we do, generous with his time and makes things happen”.