St Patrick 'Banishes' Coronavirus Out of Dublin in Neighborhood Parade

A neighbourhood in Dublin proved social distancing was no barrier to celebrating St Patrick’s Day, on March 17, when residents in the suburb of Glasnevin took to the street to hold a coronavirus-themed parade.

With Dublin all-but brought to a standstill following shutdowns of pubs and public events — including the city’s famed St Patrick’s Day Festival — resident Ciarán Keogh said the parade was a welcomed break.

“So basically we’ve been at home for 5 days now with 4 kids (8 years down to 18 months) and this was to try [and] break the mundane,” Keogh told Storyful. “We stuck with guidelines, social distance, anyone not from the same household stayed 2 [metres] apart and no touching.”

Organized by parents in the neighborhood through a WhatsApp group, some 15 children took part in the parade, according to Keogh.

“They really enjoyed it despite the no close contact rule,” he said. The footage shows one resident dressed as St Patrick who is seen “banishing” away a giant germ representing the virus. The idea takes its lead from the tale of St Patrick banishing snakes from Ireland.

As of March 17, Irish officials reported 292 confirmed cases of coronavirus with the death toll at two. Credit: Ciarán Keogh via Storyful