Dubai's main airport raises 2022 passenger forecast

STORY: Dubai's main airport has raised its passenger forecast for 2022

by 1.5 million to 64.3 million

after passenger traffic nearly tripled in Q3 from the same period in 2021

Source: Dubai Airport

(Paul Griffiths, Dubai Airports' CEO)

"We've kept revising our forecasts over the last few months in the upward direction because we're seeing very, very strong demand for Dubai."

Dubai's travel industry has been recovering steadily since the global health crisis

Also a boon for the city are the many soccer fans

who are basing themselves in Dubai for the World Cup in neighboring Qatar

where accommodation capacity is stretched

(Paul Griffiths, Dubai Airports' chief executive)

"The World Cup I think is very good for the GCC because it starts to put yet more international events on the map and encourages people to come to the region."