Dubai salon paints microchips onto nails

This salon paints microchips onto customers' fingernails

which can then be used as digital business cards

Location: Dubai, UAE

Clients can upload their social media accounts and other basic information

to a microchip which is then sealed onto their nail with polish

(SOUNDBITE) (English) FOUNDER OF LANOUR BEAUTY LOUNGE, NOUR MAKAREM, SAYING: "When the client comes to us, we just ask her which information you want to install in this chip, because this chip now its working as a business card. So she can download her website, her social media accounts, her name, her contacts, so she will choose and we install it by NFC application. Then the girls, the nail technicians, they install this chip on her nail and cover it by any gel color, nail polish I mean."


"Really excited now that I've had it installed. Now if I'm in a loud place and I want to share my Instagram or my social media, I would say: "Scan my finger!'"

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