Dubai launches 'phygital' store

STORY: Step inside Dubai’s ‘phygital’ store

[Dharmin Ved, CEO of]

"The idea behind this concept is to be able to merge the best of physical and digital together in one space. So, thinking of a physical space, we applied a digital mindset to it to be able to change the way retail is happening, and we believe that this is going to be the future of retail."

There are no items on display

Instead, shoppers use tablets to browse, pick and add items

Customers can also try their choice of clothing in fitting rooms

where an interactive screen allows them to exchange sizes and request assistance

"Physical (shopping) has a few advantages that online do not have, one of them is touch, feel and try the product. A lot of times, you actually want to try the product before you buy it and here we have the most innovative, futuristic fitting rooms, where you are able to try, without having to see the product, touch the product or interact with any person. Secondly, offline (shopping) has another very big advantage, something called instant gratification, so when you go to the store, you are able to take the merchandise along with you, a lot of the times customers actually wear those dresses, the shoes, the bags on them before they even leave the store, so it made complete sense to actually do a store as well."