Dubai introduces book-shaped library

STORY: Shaped like a traditional wooden book rest, Dubai's newest library gives the public access to the largest cultural center of its kind in the region.

With its enormous bookshelves, the 54,000 square meter landmark has the capacity to welcome 1,000 visitors at a time, offering over 1 million print and digital books and more than 6 million research articles.

On the seventh floor of the book-shaped building, the "Treasures of the library" can be found - an exhibition that displays a collection of rare and old books, atlases, manuscripts and documents, some of them dating back to the 13th century.

The chairman of the new cultural hotspot, Mohammed al-Murr, describes the exhibition and its valuables as the pride of the library.

“The library of Mohammed bin Rashid is the newest library in the Arab world. We made sure from the start that it is a modern library and a source for knowledge - not a traditional library," he said.

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