Dubai driving school teaches residents to drive luxury cars

Want to learn how to drive Range Rovers & Bentleys?

This driving school teaches residents how to drive luxury cars

Locator: Dubai

(SOUNDBITE) (English) DUBAI RESIDENT, JAYA KRISHNA, SAYING: "Hey, it's Dr. Jaya Kishner here, it's my first day at EDI and I'm happy I'm driving Tesla today with my instructor. It's been wonderful from the beginning and I had a pleasure driving this car along with the instructor. The whole feeling is nice and wonderful."

(SOUNDBITE) (English) EMIRATES DRIVING INSTITUTE, FATIMA RAEES, SAYING: "The idea behind it was that we want customers to be better adapted to the safety features of the car that they are planning to buy after they get a driver's license. Because earlier on, what used to happen was they used to get training on a Sunny or a Yaris and then they go and they buy this high-performance car and it took them some time to get adapted to it and sometimes they even had accidents. So now what happens is that from day 1 when they get training in these cars, they are very well aware of the car, they know how to control it. They have better control of these vehicles."

The 'Platinum Driving Course' costs between $3,800 and $5,900

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