Dua Lipa Does 'Deep Dive' Into Drake-Kendrick Lamar Beef In Newsy 'SNL' Sketch

Dua Lipa used her “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig to break down the beef between rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar after the two exchanged diss tracks over the weekend.

In a sketch centered around a mock news show called “Good Morning Greenville,” Lipa played local culture critic Wendy Weems as she helped hosts Gail Gohnson and Mason Monroe (played by Heidi Gardner and Mikey Day, respectively) get up to speed on the hip-hop beef.

Drake, in his most recent entry to the feud, dropped a 7 1/2-minute song titled “Family Matters” on Friday, only for Lamar to reply with a pair ofdiss tracks, including one called “Meet the Grahams,” where he alleged that the Canadian rapper is hiding another child on top of the one revealed by rapper Pusha T during his prior feud with Drake.

“You got Kanye, Two Pack, Shoop Dog, As Soon As Possible Rocky,” said Day, who named the rappers that got mixed into the Drake-Kendrick beef “like they were chopped onions and cayenne pepper.”

“And where does Wayne Brady stand? Has he responded?” Gardner asked.

The two later brought in Lipa for a “deep dive” into the rap feud.

“He calls Drake ‘crodie,’ which is a term used by the Crips, which according to Wikipedia is an alliance of street gangs based in Southern California,’” Lipa explained.

“I think I know the Crips. Are they like Kroger?” Day asked.

“No, I think that’s a grocery store. Crips set up the cameras on movie sets,” Gardner replied.

Watch the sketch below: