Druzhkivka residents mourn shattered ice rink

STORY: "You could say this was the last place for children in Druzhkivka. This is where you could come for entertainment. In the winter, thousands of people queued outside to get a chance to skate on the rink," Pavlo Bilokorivskyi told Reuters.

The Ukrainian ice hockey federation said a Russian missile attack destroyed an ice arena in the town on Monday (January 2), after earlier reports of a missile hitting the town and injuring two people.

After the attack, the arena appeared devastated, with the roof blown out, pipes torn out and the seating area destroyed. Posters of ice skaters and a hockey club name were the only signs left of the arena's severed importance in the town's sports life.

The Donbass ice hockey club, which started using Druzhkivka's Altair arena in 2014, the year pro-Russia separatists proclaimed the creation of the "Donetsk People's Republic" in the region, said the venue was destroyed "as a result of rocket fire."