Drumming Oklahoma Police Officer Reunites With Roadside Musicians

An Oklahoma police officer who responded to a noise complaint and ended up jamming with a roadside band last year recently ran into the same group of musicians and couldn’t “pass up another opportunity” to join in on drums.

Footage shared by the Oklahoma City Police Department on May 10 shows officer Nate Ross playing the drums beside two other musicians at the intersection of Northwest Third Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

“Got to see my friends again, almost a year exactly from our first meeting,” Ross said of his second run-in with the band – this time a chance encounter. “These are top-notch musicians, and even better people! As soon as I got outta the car, got a huge smile and hug from all of ’em.”

Ross said these moments are why he loves his job and a reminder of “how awesome” Oklahoma City residents are.

“Y’all keep it up, hopefully y’all’s band gets so good you move into a mansion on a beach somewhere and I get to see y’all from my couch on TV! Stay safe and stay blessed guys!” Ross said on the police department’s Facebook post. Credit: Oklahoma City Police Department via Storyful