Drones Twinkle in Light Show Above Czech Republic's Vltava River

A Czech production company held a drone light show in Prague in what it said was a bid to lift the city’s spirits.

In this footage, from Spectrum Production, the drones project lights as they glide into multiple formations above the Vltava River. The formations include the Czech flag and coat of arms, as well as the word “SILNĚJŠÍ”, which translates to “stronger”.

“The show was created to encourage the people of Prague in these difficult times,” Spectrum Production’s CEO David Zaorálek told Storyful. He said the drone formations were chosen to remind “all people… that they are stronger than they think.”

The event took place on April 4 and, according to local media, could not be viewed by spectators in person due to COVID-19 restrictions. Credit: Spectrum Production via Storyful