Drone view: children play in Gaza's ruins

The fiercest fighting between Israel and Hamas since a 2014 Gaza war concluded with a truce before dawn on Friday (May 21), brokered by Egypt with support from the United States.

In Gaza City, children played among the debris of buildings reduced to rubble.

Sitting in a dilapidated chair, 11-year-old Amal Ramzi Mohammed Nasser describes the terrifying moment her family home was hit.

"We were at our house sleeping. Suddenly, we heard explosions and airstrikes. The airstrikes hit the houses around us, and we were afraid so we started to call out to my mother and father. The windows and the doors fell on us. We went to the hospital without shoes. Also, my mother went to hospital without her hijab."

Palestinian officials put reconstruction costs at tens of millions of dollars in destitute Gaza, where medical officials said that 248 people were killed during the 11 days of fighting.

Israeli medics said rocket fire and a guided missile attack killed 13 people in Israel.

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