Drone Video Shows Construction of China's Quarantine Center for Overseas Visitors

China has built a new quarantine facility in the southern city of Guangzhou to host overseas travelers arriving the country, according to a local government website.

The facility, named the Guangzhou International Health Station, covers an area of 250,000 square meters and provides 5,000 rooms for quarantining visitors traveling from overseas. According to current COVID-19 policy in China, all inbound passengers are required to quarantine for at least 14 days.

The first batch of 184 medical workers was sent to the facility on September 17, according to Xinhua News.

A local photographer flew his drone over the construction site from June 30 to September 5. He flew over the area again on September 21 to get a closer look at the buildings at night. Beds, chairs and TVs are visible in the finished rooms.

The local government said the center would put into use in late September. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful

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