This drone is used to herd cattle

(SOUNDBITE) (English) NOAM AZRAN, BEEFREE AGRO CEO, SAYING: "We are creating a tool that will bring the livestock industry to the 21st century."

This drone is being used to herd cattle

Location: Golan Heights


"We call it - click and herd, or herding in three clicks. Basically you open the application, chose the pasture you want to work and the destination you want to gather and our drone goes up in the air and does all the rest of the work for you."

It's being developed by Israeli company BeeFree

which says drones make life easier for livestock owners

and can also improve health of the animals

(SOUNDBITE) (English) NOAM AZRAN, BEEFREE AGRO CEO, SAYING: "The tool we are developing gives livestock growers the possibility of doing everything more efficiently and much faster. In using this they can implement techniques of rotational grazing. This helps create much healthier soil and take carbon from the air and put it back in the ground. Also using a drone, instead of cowboys and dogs, creates a much less stressful environment for the animals. And an animal that is less stressful is a lot healthier and more productive."