Drone shows U.S. reducing size of Texas border migrant camp

The United States has returned more than 1,400 migrants from the camp in Del Rio, Texas to Haiti, including families, and moved over 3,200 people away for processing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials said on Thursday (September 23).

At its peak on September 18 there were some 15,000 people at the camp, around two-thirds of those families, the officials said.

Many of the migrants say they hope to stay in the United States and seek asylum. But an expulsion policy in place since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic means most may not get that opportunity.​ Some are being loaded onto flights back to Haiti while others are being released into the United States to pursue their immigration cases in court.

At least four deportation flights to Haiti were scheduled for Thursday, according to a flight tracking website and activists who track deportation flights.

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