Drone shows Makiivka New Year missile strike site

STORY: Dozens of Russian troops, who were using the building as a temporary barracks, were killed in the attack. A police cordon was lifted there on Monday (January 9) after the investigation and recovery mission concluded.

The barracks were totally destroyed by Ukrainian forces in a New Year's Day strike and 89 servicemen died, according to the Russian defence ministry, making it one of the bloodiest incidents of Russia's nearly year-long "special military operation" in Ukraine.

Ukraine initially said hundreds of Russians were killed in the attack but has not given further details since. Most of the servicemen stationed in the temporary barracks Makiivka were conscripts, many from the Russian Volga region city of Samara. A helmet bearing the city's name could be seen in the rubble alongside personal belongings and remains of military and medical equipment, and soldiers' rations.