Drone gets up close to Australia's silo art

Australia's larger-than-life silo paintings

bring an artistic flourish to a once barren landscape

Location: Barraba, New South Wales

Name: Fintan Magee, Mural artist

"I didn't want to just paint a field of sheep or just do something too obvious. One of the research days I kind of went out to see, they were bore drilling for water and I was kind of really interested in that. There was an ongoing drought in New England, in that region, at that time anyway. I thought that the bore drilling was kind of something interesting and kind of related to the drought. A lot of my work deals with climate change and the environment. // When I was out there we were filming and photographing the drilling and they were working with a diviner, which I'd never really heard of. I guess that's kind of how naive I was. I didn't really realise that people still used that technique to find water."

Magee used a cherry picker to reach the silos

and got through 22 gallons of paint across 23 days

Name: Cathy Skinner, Tourist

"I think he looks like Prince Harry. I think he's wonderful"

Fintan Magee, saying:

"I don't see why Prince Harry would be divining in central New South Wales, but who knows, he might have been through town on a royal trip one time."