Drone Footage Shows Scale of River Severn Flooding in Bridgnorth

Drone footage taken on February 25 shows the severity of flooding in Bridgnorth, an English town on the River Severn.

Thomas Paul Hutchinson, who recorded this footage, told Storyful he lives about 10 miles from the flooded area and has not been personally affected by the high water.

Hutchinson told Storyful that the River Severn splits Bridgnorth into a ‘High Town’ and ‘Low Town’; the High Town, where the main shopping center is located, has not been impacted by the flooding, he said.

“However, businesses, homes, and caravans set in the Low Town section alongside the river are suffering badly,” Hutchinson said.

The UK Flood Information Service had issued 93 flood warnings for towns along the river including Bridgnorth at the time of writing. The information service has also issued two “Severe flooding – danger to life” warnings for the nearby towns of Shrewsbury and Ironbridge. Credit: @vsdronerangers via Storyful