Drone Footage Shows Continuing Response to Ohio Chemical Train Derailment

Drone footage recorded over East Palestine, Ohio, on February 19 shows the continued response of officials and agencies to the derailment of a train carrying toxic substances earlier in the month.

The video was recorded by Zachary Riter.

The US Department of Health & Human Services said on February 17 it had “deployed emergency teams from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (#ATSDR) to speak with East Palestine, Ohio community members & conduct public health testing to ensure those affected by the derailment get the medical care they need.”

In a statement on February 17, the Ohio Emergency Management Agency said a medical clinic would be set up in East Palestine in the week starting Monday, February 20, to “evaluate any symptoms, and provide medical expertise”.

“We know that the science says that East Palestine is safe, but we also know that residents are very worried,” Ohio Gov Mike DeWine said.

“They are asking themselves ‘Is my headache just a headache? Or is it a result of the chemical spill? Are other medical symptoms caused by the spill?’ Those are very legitimate questions and residents deserve answers,” he said. Credit: Zachary Riter via Storyful

Video transcript