'Driving' Dog Learns New Trick While Mustering Sheep on Australian Farm

A one-year-old Jack Russell appeared to show a knack for life behind the wheel during a day of mustering on a Victorian sheep property.

Cameron Zschech filmed his dog, Lexie, “driving” his truck on the family farm close to the town of Hamilton.

Zschech said the footage was filmed on April 15, and in a May 6 interview with Australian news outlet, ABC, he explained that while out on the land “moving a mob of sheep” one day, he decided to give Lexie her first taste of life behind the wheel.

“I thought now is the time that I could teach the dog to drive,” Zschech said. He added that he followed the same method used by his father when he was teaching him how to drive, by putting the car in “first gear and let it idle along”.

“She did alright,” he added. Noting that Lexie was injured when she was a pup when a large ewe stood on her leg, Zschech said the car is a “lot safer” for the animal when dealing with the farm’s animals as well. Credit: Cameron Zschech via Storyful

Video transcript


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