Drivers Left Stranded After Heavy Rain Floods Streets in New Orleans

Heavy rain and flooding inundated streets in New Orleans on Wednesday, July 20, leaving some motorists stranded.

This footage, filmed by LaToya Scott shows vehicles traversing the flooded streets on Dowman Road.

Scott told Storyful that at around 4.15pm she was traveling eastbound on Interstate 10. “I got off on the Dowmann Road exit… I noticed on the bridge coming down there was a lot of water flooding on the exit, cars trapped in the water.”

“It looked like a traffic jam. Was stood [sic] in traffic and flood for four hours until help came to assist everyone. It was a complete mess.”

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for New Orleans on Wednesday urging commuters to use caution and “take it slow”. Credit: LaToya Scott via Storyful

Video transcript






- Look at this. This is really ridiculous. People's cars are getting stuck out here. This is ridiculous.

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