Driver and tourists help tour guide give birth on bus in Thailand

A tour guide gave birth after unexpectedly going into labour on board a bus full of holidaymakers.

Bowonpak Tuensanteer, 26, was travelling back from the airport in Krabi, southern Thailand when she started having contractions on Tuesday (Jan 28) evening.

The driver knew that he was unable to reach the hospital in time and pulled over when Bowonpak's waters broke.

The eight-months pregnant tour guide then gave birth with the help of the driver and those tourists who were on board, while others were taken off the bus and waited by the roadside.

When paramedics arrived, the baby had already been delivered and they only helped take the mother and her newborn baby girl to hospital.

The driver said there was no other choice but to pull over and wait for the emergency services.

He said: "I was trying to rush to the hospital so we could get her there for a proper delivery by nurses.

"Unfortunately, her waters broke and the traffic was terrible at the time so I had to stop and call for help.''

The pair arrived at hospital safely and were both healthy after the unusual birth.