Driver rescues injured kitten from busy motorway

This is the heartwarming moment a man rescued a stray kitten trapped on the motorway under the hot sun.

Khun Yong, a singer from Thai band Armchair was driving back home with his wife Koy in Bangkok, central Thailand on May 2.

Footage taken by his wife shows the caring motorist walk over to the struggling little feline and carefully carry it to the safety of the car.

The skinny kitten appeared thirsty and screamed loudly on the woman's lap.

The kindhearted couple later gave it some drinking water and took it back home with them.

Yong said: "I spotted something small on the verge and passed it by before we drove back to the point again, then we knew it was a little cat. I did not hesitate to help the kitty, so we took it back home with us. We agreed to keep it as a pet, the kitten is named Som Yud."