Driver Rescued as Car Swept Off Road by Alice Springs Floodwater

A driver in Alice Springs had to cling onto a tree for several hours before being rescued on November 10, emergency services said, after floodwater swept his car into the surging Todd River.

This footage, taken by Josh Davis, shows the car trapped against a tree in the overflowing river. Davis said he saw “some unfortunate bloke stuck half on the roof, half in a tree” for several hours before he was rescued by a rope.

Local reports citing ambulance services said the driver, a 33-year-old man, was in good condition after his ordeal, but suffering from exhaustion.

The Bureau of Meteorology said 95.8 mm of rain fell at Alice Springs airport over a 24-hour period to early on November 10, the highest such total since 2001. Credit: Josh Davis via Storyful

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