Driver Keeps His Cool as Truck Overturns on Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

Dashcam footage captured the moment a fuel truck overturned and smashed into a cement divider along the busy Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in New York City on April 26.

Truck driver Christopher Wiackley recorded the accident and his reaction on his dashcam while driving east-bound on the BQE.

Speaking to Storyful, Wiackley said that he noticed the truck speeding in the west-bound lane while coming around a blind turn before it skidded across two lanes and flipped over on its side. According to local media, the truck spilled about 100 gallons of diesel fuel onto the expressway.

In the video, Wiackley is seen mildly reacting to the unfolding accident and quickly ducking to his right as the oncoming vehicle skids toward him and hits the divider. Wiackley then immediately reached for his headset and called 911.

According to local reports, the driver of the overturned truck was not seriously injured. Credit: Christopher Wiackley via Storyful