Driver jumps to safety as overloaded tractor rolls out of control and overturns with a bang

A driver jumped off an overloaded tractor right before it hurtled out of control, blew a tyre and overturned in India on 19 August. The vehicle's trailer was overloaded with timber at the time. The problems started when one of its tyres suffered a puncture while the tractor was making a steep ascent, forcing it to a halt. The driver applied the brakes but struggled to keep the vehicle stationary. A few people who saw his plight placed a stone behind a tractor tyre to stop it from rolling back, but the effort was in vain and the tractor kept rolling back, but now even more unbalanced from going over the rock. The driver then jumped from the vehicle, which picked up pace, span out of control and overturned with a bang as a tyre burst. The incident happened close to Makonahalli village, officially part of Mudigere town in the state of Karnataka. It was filmed by a resident of Makonahalli, who tried to help the tractor driver, with his friends.

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