Drew and Jonathan Scott Reveal the ‘Most Frustrating’ Part About Being Mentors in “Backed by the Bros” (Exclusive)

Fans will see a tougher side of the brothers in their newest HGTV series premiering on June 5

<p>HGTV</p> Drew and Jonathan Scott in


Drew and Jonathan Scott in 'Backed by the Bros'

Drew and Jonathan Scott’s latest home show is unlike anything fans have ever seen before!

In HGTV’s Backed by the Bros (premiering on June 5), the twin brothers, 46, pool their real estate expertise and resources together to help hopeful entrepreneurs manage some challenging projects.

Some of these newcomers have a lot on the line and are desperately looking to make a profit through house flipping and other construction ventures — and the brothers have to decide if they think it’s worth backing them or not.

While Drew and Jonathan are used to calling the shots in their other shows (they also star in Celebrity IOU, Brother vs. Brother and Don’t Hate Your House), they have to give up complete control in Backed by the Bros and let their mentees make all final decisions.

PEOPLE chatted with Drew and Jonathan all about the most “frustrating” part of being mentors in the new series, and how viewers will get to see a “tougher” side of them.

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“What you'll actually see in the show, which is really frustrating, is think of this,” Jonathan tells PEOPLE. “If you had us there at your investment property or your home, with all the experience we have, offering resources — furniture, designers, you name it — would you not take our advice?”

He continues, “Well in the show, some of these people who have no experience do the exact opposite of what we're suggesting. Then it comes back and hits them in the face. It's so frustrating because we're not taking over these projects, we're trying to assist these people to learn on their own and learn from their own mistakes.”

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<p>HGTV</p> Drew an Jonathan speaking with some of the investors on 'Backed by the Bros'


Drew an Jonathan speaking with some of the investors on 'Backed by the Bros'

Echoing a similar sentiment, Drew says it’s “probably one of the most frustrating things for me because I'm a bit of a control freak. So for me, just having to let go is tough.”

While he admits it’s difficult for him to watch these investors take the lead at times, he jokes that Jonathan is the one who often couldn’t hold in his frustration.

“I will have to say Jonathan was probably a bit more blunt than I was with some of the investors,” he says, adding, “Jonathan has this vein in his forehead and when you see it starting to throb, he is getting frustrated and then the bluntness just comes out.”

<p>HGTV</p> Drew and Jonathan Scott on 'Backed by the Bros'


Drew and Jonathan Scott on 'Backed by the Bros'

The dad of nearly two — he shares son Parker, 2, and has another baby on the way with wife Linda Phan — points out that the “tough love” is necessary in a show like Backed by the Bros.

“I find it quite funny because it's real life, and on Property Brothers we're very encouraging,” he says. “Sometimes it's like parenting these homeowners, these investors — they just need the Band-Aid ripped off and they need a reality check.”

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<p>HGTV</p> Drew and Jonathan Scott on 'Backed by the Bros'


Drew and Jonathan Scott on 'Backed by the Bros'

While the brothers have more than 25 years of experience under their belts, they admit they weren’t always experts. One of the most “empowering” parts of this show for both of them is sharing their knowledge with these entrepreneurs who they see a little bit of themselves in.

Drew describes one newcomer that viewers will get to know in the show as “overconfident” and “almost faking it until you make it” at the beginning.

“That's exactly what I was like when I was younger and that's why I'm glad in the end he did come around and he realized that he has to be more open to those who have more experience. And that was kind of like looking in a mirror,” he recalls. “It's pretty empowering to see that kind of change in people.”

<p>HGTV</p> Drew and Jonathan Scott in 'Backed by the Bros'


Drew and Jonathan Scott in 'Backed by the Bros'

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“What I think is so valuable about this show is we are coming in and we are rescuing people," Jonathan says, “and it's very satisfying to see somebody who is, for the lack of a better term, totally effed.”

Drew concludes, "That was the big thing for us. To find a way to give back to people from our learnings over the last 25 years so that they can set themselves up for success and be able to afford to support their families.”

Backed by the Bros premieres Wednesday, June 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.

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